Completed Projects List

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Submains, Switchboards, 3 Phase outlets, Lighting, Power Full installation in Heritage Building

Public Space Lighting, Submains and Lighting to Wharfs, Lighting control, Street Lighting.

Cockatoo Island Volunteers Area Workshops

Chowder Bay, Public Space Lighting and Stair Compliance Work, Road Lighting

Full Electrical Installation of Aldi Store in Mudgee, include carpark and walkway lighting

Investigation and Documentation on the whole of Cockatoo Islands Electrical Installation

New Exclusive three story residence with inclusion of Security, Power, Lighting, Data, MATV, Intercoms, and CCTV wiring.

Three Phase upgrade of the installation to accommodate for expansion of the mechanical workshop, and installation of three phase equipment

Supply and Installation of Power, Lighting, Data, Switchboards and Cable trays to the new Biomedical Engineering Area at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Aldi Supremarket and Carpark Mudgee

Tyre Power Blacktown

5 Glen Road, Roseville

Cockatoo Island Survey and Investigation works

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Biomedical Engineering Fitout      




New power, lighting and main switchboards to the Kitchen and Shower Block at Cockatoo Island, to facilitate the Islands changeover from a former Navy Installation to Camp Grounds

Upgrade of Thermal Overloads, cabling, busbar chassis's and installation of thermal fans as progressive maintenance at RPA hospital.

Service Main and Switchboard Upgrade for Essential Services to facilitate the installation of Lifts and Inclinators.

Full Removal of all Electrical Services from Building 94 (The old blood bank) and establishment of Temporary Electrical Supplies at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

12 Lower Boyle Street, Mosman

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Mechanical Switchboard Upgrades

Cockatoo Island Kitchen and Shower Block

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital  Building 94 Early Works     




Full Removal of all Electrical Services from Building 164 and refurbishment into three sections separately metered to facilitate as a shop, residence and camp ground office.

Cockatoo Island Building 164              

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